Digital Library

Seven Months!

This web page started seven months ago.  We have now over 300 pages uploaded and we are working on as many more.  Certainly due to the fact that we are still far from having uploaded 20% of the intended content, so far we have received about 10 visits per day.

Yesterday’s NADL weekly meeting: Kyle, Filipe, Ricardo, Patricia, and Mahesh. Fravio Calippo was not in the frame when we made this screen capture.

We just hope that the team – now with approximately 20 contributors – will keep growing and that this page establishes itself as a community, as opposed to a hierarchy, and becomes a useful source of information in maritime archaeology and a resource in the fight against treasure hunting.

Our focus is now on making navigation easy and clear, allowing for quick searches and providing a good understanding of the page’s architecture.

As this page started as, and is still an experiment for computer science, visualization, and maritime archaeology students, we expect it to change in time and improve as it grows.