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Research and Reconstruction of Wooden Ships

Filipe Castro


This course is an introduction to the basic technical skills required for recording, representing and interpreting ship archaeological remains.  Students are expected to develop a practical approach to the conceptualization and design of a ship.  This course is divided in three parts: recording a shipwreck, reconstructing a ship from its archaeological remains, and producing a comprehensive ship project.

Upon completion of ANTH616 students are expected to be familiar with:

  1.  the particular vocabulary of shipbuilding;
  2.  the basic rules and methods to map an archaeological site;
  3.  the basic rules and methods to record hull remains: how to quantify and represent 3D curves on paper and how to produce a clear and comprehensive set of documents with all relevant records pertaining to a particular set of ship’s hull remains;
  4.  the basic principles of ship construction, in terms of the structural components of a ship and its construction sequence;
  5.  the process of designing a ship’s hull in the three standard views of the so-called “lines drawings” of a vessel;
  6.  the basic rules to reconstruct an archaeologically excavated ship’s hull and formulate an educated guess about the vessel’s probable size, shape and structural composition;
  7.  the standards for graphic representation of ship’s hulls and their components;
  8.  the basic rules of hull analysis.


Research and Reconstruction of Wooden Ships

Class No.Class TopicPDF
01.01Guidance for StudentsPDF
01.02The Final ProjectPDF
02.01Introduction to Hull Lines IPDF
02.02Introduction to Hull Lines IIPDF
02.03Video: "O Barco Rabelo" from Octavio Lixa Filgueiras.PDF
03.01Introduction to Hull Lines IIIPDF
03.02Stern PanelsPDF
03.03Introduction to Hull Lines IV
04.01Hull AnalysisPDF
04.02Tonnage Calculations
05.01Recording Shipwrecks
06.01Recording Timber Fragments
06.02Movie "Les voitures d'eau" Pierre Perrault (1968).PDF
07.01Recording Structures
08.01Recording Curves
09.01Reconstructing a Ship
09.02Case Study I - Pepper Wreck
09.03Case Study III - Lomellina
13.01Ship Models I
13.02Ship Models II
13.03Ship Models III
13.04Caravel Replicas
14.02Reconstruction of Wooden HullsPDF