Digital Library

The Nautical Archaeology Digital Library’s mission is to be a space where a community of archaeologists from around the world can cooperate, network, and share data and information, based on the principles of open access.

NADL seeks to increase the visibility of and emphasize the social importance of maritime archaeology and related fields of knowledge. We recognize that increasing public awareness of the social importance of maritime heritage, in conjunction with legal tools such as the UNESCO Convention of 2001, is critical for the protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage.

NADL aims to increase the availability of information and professional support for maritime archaeologists working in countries and areas with limited resources or access to institutional support, by providing professional contacts, methodological and theorical frameworks, and data on maritime archaeology and naval history.

We seek to create standardized procedures for recording shipwreck sites and other maritime features and artifacts, and to collect and disseminate information about those topics. We hope our site will facilitate comparative studies encompassing projects, maritime landscapes, shipwrecks, coastal contractions and isolated objects from all around the world.