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Shipwrecks in the Eastern Mediterranean

Filipe Castro


There is almost no data about early modern Turkish ships, and yet, the Ottomans ruled over the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, and part of the Indian Ocean for centuries.

Melchior Lorke’s 1559 view of Istanbul showing the harbor filled with ships.

This section is intended as an inventory of shipwrecks from the late Medieval and Early Modern periods in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Shipwrecks

Very few shipwrecks form this period have been reported found and even less excavated.

TK05-AA, c. 1550, Turkey

TK05-AH, c. 1550, Turkey

Paphos, c. 1550, Cyprus

Yassiada 3, c. 1575, Turkey

Megadim, c. 1600, Israel

Enigma Ottoman Shipwreck, c. 1630,