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It is impossible to inventory all the shipwrecks found around the world. This space is mainly intended as an ongoing inventory of ships studied and published shipwrecks, but we will try to collect other sites for which there are any published information. We have organized our shipwreck lists by country – as countries are the political units that have cultural agencies and bureaucratic organisms that collect these data – but we will present them by continents, and within continents, by countries and then bodies of water.

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As countries have been formed, occupied, absorbed, separated, and renamed over the last millennia, we will try to balance the necessity to present them within a cultural context or maritime landscape, and under the political umbrella of the authorities with jurisdiction over the submerged cultural heritage in each country.


North and Central, West Coast

North and Central, East Coast

North and Central, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea

South, West Coast

South, East Coast


Atlantic and North Sea

Baltic (to the Skagerrak)


Black Sea




Indian O., Gulf of Aden, and Red Sea



Black Sea

Indian O., Gulf of Aden, and Red Sea

Pacific O. to South China and Java Seas



New Zealand

Papua New Guinea

Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia

We are aiming at having a designated manager per country represented on NADL, but this is a working process, and we estimate that it will take some time before we get a stable data set. we welcome corrections and comments.