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Spencer Collection

J. E. Spencer was a professor emeritus of Geography at the University of California, Los Angeles, and lived and worked in central China from 1932 to 1940.  With his wife, Dr. Spencer purchased a total of 29 models of vessels that sailed the Yangtze River at the time, making it a precious snapshot of the existing types.

A book was published in the 1970s, at Texas A&M, and a paper on some of the vessels followed in the 1990s.

Below we present a quick snapshot of the models:


Asian Ship Models - Spencer Collection

RefOriginal ImageRecent ImageComments
0101 Kan Ch'uan01 Ship 22Kan-Ch'uan
0202 P'ing T'iao Tzu02 Ship 19P'ing-T'iao-Tzu
0303 Wu Chiang Tzu03 Ship 11Wu-Chiang-Tzu
0404 Ma Yang Pa Kan04 Ship 21Ma-Yang Pa-Kan
0505 Chunk Yen PanChunk-Yen-Pan
06Z06 Ch'an Tzu20 Ship 6Ch'an-Tzu
0707 Lao Ho K'ou07 Ship 8Lao-Ho-K'ou Ch'iu-Tzu
0808 Hsiang Yang Pien Tzu08 Ship 15Hsiang-yang Pien-Tzu
0909 Ching Pang Hua Tzu09 Ship 20Ching-Pan Hua-Tzu
1010 Ching Pang Hua Tzu10 Ship 4Ching-Pan Hua-Tzu
1111 Ching Pang Ch'uan11 Ship 16Ching-Pang-Ch'uan
1212 Pie Ho Hua Tzu12 Ship Unknown 2Pien-Ho Hua-Tzu
1313 T'o Pien Tzu13 Ship 10T'o-Pien-Tzu
1414 Shui Pao Chia Fei Hsieth14 Ship 9Shui-Pao-Chia Fei-Hsieh
1515 Fan Kuan Ch'uan15 Ship 13Fan-Kuan-Ch'uan
1616 I Chang Po Ch'uan16 Ship 24I-Chang Po-Ch'uan
1717 I Chang Hua Tzu17 Ship Unknown 3I-Chang Hua-Tzu
1818 I Chang Lung Ch'uan18 Ship 27I-Chang Lung-Ch'uan
1919 Wu Pan19 Ship 5Wu-Pan
2020 Yu Cheng Ch'uan20 Ship 6Yu-Cheng-Ch'uan
2121 Shou K'ou Ma Yang Tzu21 Ship 1Shou-K'ou Ma-Yang-Tzu
2222 Shou K'ou Ma Yang Tzu22 Ship Unknown 6Shou-K'ou Ma-Yang-Tzu
2323 I Chang Ma Yang Tzu23 Ship Unknown 4I-Chang Ma-Yang-Tzu
2424 Ma Yang Kua Tzu Ch'uan24 Ship Unknown 5Ma-Yang Kua-Tzu-Ch'uan
2525 Pa Tung Hsiao Ho Hua Tzu25 Ship 26Pa-Tung Hsiao-Ho-Hua-Tzu
2626 Hsiang Chi Tou K'ou26 Ship Unknown 1Hsiang-Chi Tou-K'ou
2727 Wu Shan Shen Po Tzu27 Ship 7Wu-Shan Shen-Po-Tzu
2828 Wai P'i Ku28 Ship 28Wai-Pi-Ku
2929 Lao Hua Ch'iu29 Ship 17Lao-Hua-Ch'iu