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Spanish Merchant Ships in the European Routes

Filipe Castro


This section is an inventory of the shipwrecks tentatively identified as Spanish and engaging in both short-sea trade and other modes of trade in the North of Europe and in the Mediterranean.

Sevilla circa 1580 (Alonso Sanchez Coello).

The Shipwrecks

Many of the shipwrecks linked below have only been tentatively identified as Spanish, and most have not been excavated or fully published. As with the other subjects on this website, this page is a work in progress and we welcome comments, corrections, and inputs.

El Portal (c. 1300)

Orio 1 (c. 1500)

Orio 3 (c. 1500)

Studland Bay (c. 1525)

Baiona 1 (c. 1550)

Camarinas (c. 1550)

Orio 2 (c. 1550)

Orio 4 (c. 1550)

Orio 5 (c. 1550)

Xove (c. 1550)

Yarmouth Roads (1567)

Zakynthos (c. 1580)

Ponta do Altar B (c. 1610)

Corona (c. 1625)

St. Honorat (1637)