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Rigging Elements

Chase Oswald and Filipe Castro


Although we have no illusions about making a comprehensive database of archaeological remains of rigging elements we started this collection to try to inventory the rigging parts than come to our attention in the making of the NADL.


Rigging Blocks

Ref.ImageShipwreckOriginApprox. DateDesignationReference
1A1 94eArade 1French West Coast1580Heart blockA1-94 (2002)
2A1 97aArade 1French West Coast1580Heart blockA1-97 (2002)
3A1 110 BArade 1French West Coast1580Heart blockA1-110 (2002)
4Aveiro F 02Aveiro FUnknown1350DeadeyeRAVF 397
5Aveiro F 03Aveiro FUnknown1350Single blockRAVF 336
6Aveiro F 01Aveiro FUnknown1350RAVF 356
7BomJesus07Bom JesusPortugal1533Heart block
8BomJesus04Bom JesusPortugal1533Heart blocks
9BomJesus05Bom JesusPortugal1533Heart block
10BomJesus03Bom JesusPortugal1533Coak
11BomJesus01bBom JesusPortugal1533Coak
12BomJesus02aBom JesusPortugal1533Coaks
13BomJesus06Bom JesusPortugal1533Mizzen mast top
14HighbourneCayHighbourne CaySpain1520Chains
15Annotation 2020 07 01 170502Scheurrak SO1Dutch1593Several rigging items
16Scheurrak SO1Scheurrak SO1Dutch1593Euphroe
17SO1 7805.3Scheurrak SO1Dutch1593DeadeyeSO1 7805.3
18SO1 LV 010Scheurrak SO1Dutch1593Sheave blockLV 010
19SO1 7815Scheurrak SO1Dutch1593SheaveSO1 7815
20SO1 7806Scheurrak SO1Dutch1593Sheave blockSO1 7806
21SO1 7809Scheurrak SO1Dutch1593Sheave blockSO1 7809
22SO1 7812Scheurrak SO1Dutch1593EuphroeSO1 7812
23SvetiPavao HeartBlock2Sveti PavaoVenice1600Heart block
24SvetiPavao HeartBlock1Sveti PavaoVenice1600Heart block
25SvetiPavao HeartBlock3Sveti PavaoVenice1600Heart block
26SvetiPavao Coaks1Sveti PavaoVenice1600Coak
27SvetiPavao ChainLink1Sveti PavaoVenice1600Chain link
28Gnalic CoaksGagliana grossaVenice1583Coaks
29Scheurrak SO1 (2)Scheurrak SO1Dutch1593Several rigging elements
30Cattewater 1 ParrelsCattewaterEnglishc. 1500Parrel
31Isle Aux Morts 3Isle aux MortsBasquec. 1675Several wooden blocks
32Isle Aux Morts 2Isle aux MortsBasquec. 1675Rope fragment
33RiggingBaleal 1Unknown1575-1600CoaksNot published