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Sam Cuellar

Not much is known about the early use of bells on ships взять займ на карту 15000 рублей . Although fog seems to be a reason to bring bells aboard, most bells in our inventory were found in the Mediterranean. be it as it may, it seems that as ships grew in size bells became a good way of communication aboard.

To our knowledge there is no inventory of ship’s bells before 1700 and this website is an attempt to address this research topic an collect European ship bells from before that date.


Ship Bells from the 16th and 17th centuries

No.DesignationImageShipwreckDate LostInscriptionsNationalityLostLatLongCommentsReferences
1Al Hallaniyah001 C. 1503 Al HallaniyahEsmeralda ? 15031498?PortugueseOman
2Mary Rose002 1510 Mary RoseMary Rose1545IC BEN GHEGOTEN IAER MCCCCCXEnglishEngland
3Hercules003 1625 HerculesHercules1661AMOR VINCIT OMNIA ANNO 1625Sri Lanka
4Darthmouth004 Dartmouth HMS Dartmouth1690DH 1678EnglishScotland
5Kennemerland005 KennemerlandKennemerland1664ErodedDutchShetland Islands
6FirebrandHMS Firebrand17071692EnglishScilly Islands
7AssociationHMS Association17071697English Scilly Islands
8Stirling CastleHMS Stirling Castle17031701EnglishGoodwin Sands
9Northumberland009 1703 NorthumberlandHMS Northumberland17031701EnglishGoodwin Sands
10Queen Anne's Revenge010 1709 Queen Anne's RevengeQueen Anne's Revenge17111705North Carolina
11Nuestra Senora del Rosario011 RosarioNuestra Senora del Rosario17941793SpanishEngland
12Kronan012 KronanKronan1676HOLMIAE ME FUNDEBAT JOHAN MEYER ANNO 1670SwedishSweden
13Mauritius013 1609 Mauritius BellDuch
14Figueira da Foz014 1555 Figueira Da FozPortugal
15Cabo Raso 1015 1696 Cabo Raso 1Portugal
17Zuytdorp017 1712 ZuytdorpDutch
18S. Julião 1018 SJB 1Portugal
19Witte Leeuw
20Western Ledge Reef 020 Western LedgeBermuda
21Ty Gwyn
22Stoura Stack
23Roebuck023 1701 HMS Roebuck
25Henrietta Marie025 1699 Henrietta Marie
26S. Julião 2026 SJB 2
27Cabo Raso 2027 1696 Cabo Raso
28Bisevo028 Bisevo
29Mljet029 1580 C Mljet
31Museo Storico Navale031 Museo Storico Navale