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Patricia Schwindinger, Filipe Castro

List 1: European early modern shipwrecks featured in this section.

List 2: Ancient to Medieval Mediterranean shipwrecks featured in this section.

Picture from the Gibson family archive.

This section deals with information recovered from shipwreck sites.  bad credit loans. From the beginning, the NADL was concerned with a number of questions pertaining to:

a) the standardization of the collection of information from a shipwreck site;

b) the standardization of the storage of the different supports and types of information retrieved from a shipwreck site during the survey and excavation phases;

c) a reflection on the most effective ways to publish primary information;

d) a reflection on the best ways to interpret and reconstruct ships from their archaeological remains, how to convey the uncertainties inherent to every reconstruction and the iterative nature of all interpretations and reconstructions.

The shipwrecks featured in this section are organized in groups:

Roman Period Shipwrecks

In the Mediterranean

On the Portuguese Coast

Mediterranean Ships

Easter Mediterranean

Western Mediterranean

Iberian Shipwrecks

Spain and the New World

Spanish Armadas

Spanish Merchantmen

Portugal – India Route

Portuguese ships

Dutch Shipwrecks

Working Craft

Geoctroyeerde Westindische Compagnie (WIC)

Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC)

Northern European Shipwrecks

English Ships

French Ships

Swedish Ships

Center for the Study of Digital Libraries (CSDL); Department of Visualization (VizLab); J. Richard Steffy Ship Reconstruction Laboratory (ShipLAB).