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Portuguese Warships, Merchantmen, and Small Craft

Filipe Castro


This section of the NADL webpage is intended as an inventory of shipwrecks found on the Portuguese coast and believed to be local, or Portuguese shipwrecks in the New World and not belonging to the India Route or any of the Asian commercial routs.

The Shipwrecks

Most of the shipwrecks linked below have not been fully excavated or fully published. We intend to complete the ship’s synopsis as more information is made available.

Aveiro F, c. 1400, Portugal (not done)

Corpo Santo, c. 1400, Portugal

Aveiro A, c. 1475, Portugal

Lagos 1, c. 1500, Portugal

Aveiro B, c. 1500, Portugal

Aveiro D, c. 1500, Portugal (not done)

Aveiro E, c. 1500, Portugal (not done)

Cais do Sodré, c. 1500, Portugal

Santo António, 1527, UK (not done)

Belinho 1, c. 1535 (not done)

Baleal 1, c. 1575

Angra B, c. 1600, Azores

Angra B1, c. 1600, Azores

Angra D, c. 1600, Azores

Angra E, c. 1600, Azores

Angra F, c. 1600, Azores

Angra G, c. 1600, Azores

Angra I, c. 1600, Azores

Angra J, c. 1600, Azores

Foz do Douro 1, c. 1600, Portugal

Esposende 1, c. 1600, Portugal

São Nicolau, 1640, Portugal

Oeiras 1, c. 1650, Portugal

Sacramento, 1668, Brazil