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Historia Trágico Marítima

Title: Historico Trágico Marítimo

Author: Bernardo Gomes de Brito, Gabriel Pereira

Year: 1552-1602 (1904-1909 printing)

Description: 2-6 volumes


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Notes: The first two volumes are a compilation of accounts from twelve Portuguese shipwrecks that occurred between 1552 and 1602. They were published by historian Bernardo Gomes de Brito in 1735 and 1736. Later editions compiled by Gabriel Pereira include four additional volumes with accounts of later shipwrecks.

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The História Trágico-Marítima was first published in 1735/1736 by Bernardo Gomes de Brito. It was a collection and reprinting of twelve narratives of shipwrecks and other maritime disasters, some of which were originally printed as pamphlets in the 16th and 17th centuries. The books were an immediate success and triggered the printing of several additional volumes claiming to be the third volume. These volumes were later gathered together and printed by Gabriel Pereira.

The Author

Bernardo Gomes de Brito was born in Lisbon in 1688 and died in 1760.


The first two volumes include accounts of the following wrecks (year of wreck in parentheses):

  • S. João (1552)
  • S. Bento (1554)
  • Conceição (1555)
  • Águia and Garça (1559)
  • Santa Maria da Barca (1559)
  • S. Paulo (1561)
  • The nau of Jorge de Albuquerque Coelho (1565)
  • Santiago (1585)
  • S. Tomé (1589)
  • Santo Alberto (1593)
  • S. Francisco (1596)
  • Santiago and Chagas (1604)

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