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Nautica Mediterranea

Title: Nautica Mediterranea: nella quale si mostra la fabrica delle galee…si manifesta l’error delle charte mediterranee…s’insegna l’arte del navigar …Et un Portolano di tutti i porti da stantiar vascelli co i loghi pericolosi di tutto il Mare Mediterraneo

Author:  Bartolomeo Crescenzio Romano

Year:  1601

Country: Italy

Description: [4 ff.,] 556 [-10] p. et 63 p. : titre-frontisp., ill. et pl. ; In 4

Owner:  Bibliothèque Mazarine

Call No.: 4 ° 15906 2e ex

Notes: In fine:nella stamparia di Bartolomeo Bonfadino

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The Nautica Mediterranea is a book by Bartolomeo Crescenzio Romano, printed in Rome in 1601 by Bartolomeo Crescenzio Romano.

The Author

Little is known about the author.


The first chapter is dedicated to the construction of galleys and contains a clear description of the methods in use to pre-design the frames that were to be pre-erected over the keel, showing the narrowing and rising of the bottom marked on the turn of the bilge, in the Mediterranean tradition.

The author asserts that the mezzaluna, a gauge for narrowing created by dividing a half-circle into equal segments and then passing those points to a gauge, does not yield fair curves. He prefers the busca, which is made by dividing a line into the sequence 1, 3, 6, 10, etc., as the curves created are more compatible with the curvatures of the ribbands fore and aft of the tail frames.

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