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Ines de Soto (Circa 1572)

Ricardo Borrero L


Country: Cuba

Type: Unknown

Identified: No

Dated: ca.1572


History of the shipwreck

The identity of this ship is unknown.  This ship sunk sometime after 1572 during an unrecorded voyage.  Found and excavated by Carisub.  There were no wooden remains. A book was published on this shipwreck and its excavation.

Figure 1. Site Plan

Description of the site

The Ines de Soto shipwreck was found in shallow water and consisted of a number of iron guns and artifacts, including two astrolabes and an alidade, possibly from a third astrolabe.

Figure 2. Mapping the site (after the 1998 book).


No author, Naufragio de Inês de Soto, Un Hallasgo de Cuatro Siglos, Carisub SA., LA Habana, Cuba, 1998.