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Lingote II, c. 1630

Austin Siess


Country: Cuba

Place: Cayo Levisa, Los Colorados

Coordinates: 22° 53’ 053” N: 83° 35’ 975” W

Type: Urca?

Identified: Hercules?

Dated: 1630?

History of the wreck
The wreck was found in shallow waters (0-10 m), near a coral reef.

Description of the site

Located west of Cayo Levisa in the Arrecife de los Colorados, north coast of Pinar del Río. A wooden structure was found, covered by a mound of ballast and olive jars, rigging concretions – chain links – besides iron chains of the arboladura of the masts and concretions with coins.

It is possible that this wreck is the urca Hercules, lost in this region in 1630.


Ceramics are referred found in this site, namely olive jars.


Beam: Unknown

Keel Length: Unknown

Length Overall: Unknown

Number of Masts: Unknown


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